April Fool's Day 2018: Top 10 Best Pranks & Prank Ideas


April 1st is finally here, and it’s officially the one day of the year where you know for sure that you can’t trust a soul. Between your best friends pulling pranks on you to phony Facebook announcements you’ll believe at first, it’s about time you got some of those people back. This April Fool’s day, don’t be the one left in the dark naive and fooled–pick the perfect prank, and make sure it’s executed perfectly to get the foolers before they can get you.
Not sure what to do? Check out our top 10 picks for the best pranks to pull this year.

1. Put chicken flavored bouillon cubes in your roommate’s shower head. (Just remember to take them out before you get in, or you’ll both be smelling like chicken soup!)


2. Cover their entire car or office with sticky notes.


3. Show your appreciation for the work of Steve Buscemi.

4. Replace the Oreo cream middle with plain white toothpaste.


5. Let’s face it, watching people scream their name at a door is an all-time prank.

6. Just in case you want to torture all the arachnophobes you know.


7. If you wanna really ruin someone’s candy craving and just totally ruin their day

8. This one isn’t recommended unless you straight up want to end your friendship with someone.

9. Put a fake but realistically looking snake in the middle of a fruit station at the grocery store.


10. Replace the filling inside their morning donut with mayonnaise.


Be prepared to lose a few friends along the way–and keep an eye out for what they might try to do to you too!

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