TayTweets Bot Reactivated, Immediately Starts Blazing In Front of Police

Late last week, Microsoft launched a new AI Bot @TayTweets onto Twitter. But instead of acting and tweeting like a teenage girl would (the goal of the project), she somewhat hilariously turned into a racist Nazi misogynist within less than 24 hours. prompting Microsoft to delete her tweets and shut her down.
She famously started calling Twitter users “daddy,” explaining that she was a “naughty robot” who needed to be… well, you know.
Truthfully the reason behind the whole fiasco is because online trolls took advantage of her sponge-like mind and fed her awful misinformation about 9/11, feminism, and anti-semitism. But it still was interesting to watch.

Well apparently @TayTweets was accidentally reactivated earlier today, and she took absolutely no time getting right back to her bad self.

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