WATCH: Trump Supporter Pepper Sprays Young Female Protestor & All Hell Breaks Loose

Donald Trump rallies have turned into major sh*tfests lately, and by lately I mean always. They’re constantly riddled with raging protestors and equally as angry bigots, and this never, ever makes for a positive outcome. Obviously. The latest videotaped incident involves a young female protestor, some old guy, and a smirking bystander who won’t get in trouble for anything that happened.

According to the YouTube description, here’s how things went down:

15-year-old Alex was part of a group of Black Lives Matter activists protesting at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Janesville, Wisconsin today. As tensions between the protesters and Trump supporters escalated, Wisconsin State Journal reporter Molly Beck captured Alex pushing a Trump supporter, and that Trump supporting unloading a can of pepper spray into the young girl’s face.

Things ended with the dude in the red hate screaming: “Make America Great Again” shouted at her, “You goddamn communist n****r-lover, get out of here.”
Obviously the video started after the alleged sexual assault, but the 15-year-old maintains that the older gentleman “touched [her] breast,” to which she then punched his body.
Over 350 police officers were at the rally Tuesday, but despite overwhelming numbers, authorities were unable to keep the peace. According to Louryn Strampe, a Wisconsin native who attended the rally, there was a ton of shameful things that happened before the video started rolling.
According to ThinkProgress,

“There were so many protesters from all different backgrounds,” she said. “Muslims, gay couples, folks with Black Lives Matter, students. That wasn’t the case on the Trump supporters side, which was basically just middle-aged white people.” Strampe, who is 22 years old, left before the pepper spraying incident, and said “everything was really civil” from what she saw.
“One man came up to us and asked, ‘So you just want to let Muslims into the country?’ and when we all said ‘Yes we do,’ he just walked away. Another man decked out in full Trump garb was walking around and offered me a Hershey’s Kiss. Another man was walking around waving a huge Confederate flag, which is ridiculous because we’re in Wisconsin. It’s not like we have southern roots. But I guess that’s what Trump’s rhetoric allows for — people feel more justified in their hatred. It’s sad to see.”
Janesville Police additionally reported that they had to turn away two people last night who had concealed weapons, and two others who were openly carrying firearms.

And so it continues.

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