WATCH: ‘Concerned Mom’ Raps About Being Anti-Trans Rights & The Video is Really, REALLY Bad

College students have been protesting up a storm lately — if they don’t like something, you’re going to hear about it. This self-proclaimed “concerned Alberta mother” decided to make her opinion known as well, but without a protest. Instead, she opted for a poorly produced rap video that has managed to garner 135,271 views on YouTube.

Her song is called Gender Bender and it’s more cringeworthy than it sounds. From Someecards,

“The “inspired” rap comes after government officials out of Alberta, Canada introduced guidelines to help LGBTQ students feel more comfortable at school. With all the vigor a fed up Canadian could muster, Mom/”rapper” MH Wiebe delivered a performance on par with a nervous third grader presenting a terribly written poem for the class.”

And that’s putting it nicely. Like, way nicer than what I would have said. Not only is her reasoning seriously flawed, but her rap skills are absolute sh*t. Stop rhyming! Stop with that awful background music! And for the love of God, stop posting sh*t to YouTube! There’s enough of that on there!

[H/T: BroBible]

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