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Guy Tries Breaking Up With Cheating Girlfriend But Plans Are Ruined Thanks to the Godforsaken Internet

Cheating Fails


You know what sucks? Finding out you’re being cheated on. You know what sucks even more? Finding out you’re being cheated on with a sh*t ton of people when it’s almost your birthday. Birthdays should be about¬†you, not your a**hole girlfriend who can’t seem to keep her pants on. Luckily this guy managed to make it about both, until plans went haywire.

Some scorned man from the Redditverse posted about his cheating girlfriend and how he was going to get her back. The plan was amazing — he was going to present her a card that detailed all the f*cked up stuff she was doing at his birthday dinner that night in front of a large group of his friends. Talk about embarrassing.

Cheating Girlfriend

BinanoSplat | Imgur

My first instinct was that it looks like an engagement (but who gets engaged via card?). Naturally, it wasn’t:

Cheating Girlfriend


AMAZING! But the idiot couldn’t contain his excitement about the plans, so he posted to Reddit before actually going through with it. And since¬†every single person in the world has gone through Reddit at least once in their lives, his girlfriend’s friend found it, realized it was about her, and told her about the plan.

Here’s how it went down:

Reddit Cheating
Go f*ck yourself indeed.

[H/T: Metro]

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