New York Post Writer Tweets Asinine Comment About Garry Shandling’s Death & The World Ripped Him a New One

When news broke that legendary comedian Garry Shandling passed away yesterday, people were devastated, especially his comedian friends. The loss was sudden and unexpected, and considering how much Shandling contributed to the entertainment industry, the reactions were justified.

But unlike the comedy greats, New York Post writer Steve Cuozzo didn’t understand the big f*cking deal. And of course, he was smart enough to voice that opinion on Twitter, to which he received an infinite amount of fiery backlash. Because when you’re a d*ck that’s used to writing about tuna tartare, that’s what happens.

Here’s the tweet:

What a moron. The guy was a legend! Even I know that! Not to mention, what kind of a**hole insults a guy right after he dies? He has no way to defend himself! He deserved every bit of backlash he got, which was a lot — Twitter (namely comedians) literally ripped him a new virtual a**hole.

@stevecuozzo an Olive Garden quality tweet

— Brandon McCarthy (@BMcCarthy32) March 24, 2016

when @stevecuozzo passes can someone please remind me that he sent out this tweet.

— daniel tosh (@danieltosh) March 24, 2016

Or, @stevecuozzo you are a soul-less idiot perfectly placed at a soul-less vanity newspaper #BettingOnLatter

— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) March 24, 2016

@stevecuozzo Delete your account. Then start a new one and delete that one.

— Lon Harris (@Lons) March 24, 2016

@stevecuozzo You're aware that not tweeting anything was an option, right?

— Downtown Griffy Newmz (@GriffLightning) March 24, 2016

Seems like your sense of humor stinks and your sense of decency is even worse.

— haunted mikey (@zandywithaz) March 24, 2016

Now I see why you say such terrible things. I believe this is you attempting humor. It must hurt you to be a hack.

— Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) March 24, 2016

You're a terrible human being. You should get your heart verified.

— Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) March 24, 2016

F*ck you, Steve Cuozzo — stick to the Post.

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