The Comment Casanova Instagram Page Is Why People Shouldn’t Be Allowed on Social Media

Hot women of the Internet have a lot to endure. They’re constantly being harassed by creepy men on Instagram who aren’t afraid to be labeled as such. Now, you might be wondering — why? Why the f*ck would you insist on leaving a creepy comment that makes you look like a stalker who doesn’t leave your basement? Just… why? Can someone please tell me that? WHY?! Just double tap the photo and move on!

But alas, that will never happen, and a new page is taking advantage of it.

Comment Casanova is making sure those creepy messages don’t go to waste with their hilarious Instagram account, which reposts “the charming comments left on attractive people’s Instagram posts.” Their account includes the likes of Lindsey Pelas, Abigail Ratchford, and Khloe Kardashian, and proves just how f*cking weird people who use the Internet are.

Check out the best ones below and please — please — never be one of these people.

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