Adam Levine, University of Miami Student, Died At Ultra

Adam C Levine, a 21-year-old student at the University of Miami, died of seizure complications while attending Ultra Music Festival. The political science major was at Ultra on Friday night when he seized up. Adam died at the hospital.
On Sunday night, Ultra Music Festival security chief Ray Martinez released a statement:
“It is our understanding that Adam Levine, one of our patrons, was here on Friday night. … We can tell you that our security personnel noticed he was having difficultiies and immediately called Miami Fire Rescue to get him medical attention. … Unfortunately he passed away at the hospital.” Martinez commented further that he had personally broken the news to Adam’s family.

Reaction To Adam’s Death

The University of Miami posted on its Facebook page on Sunday night to confirm Adam’s death, and to send out their support to Adam and his family. “It is with sadness that I share with you the loss of senior Adam Levine. Please keep his family in your thoughts.”

Predictably, people have been mourning Adam’s death on Twitter and Facebook–commenting that he was an amazing person, friend, and student who was heavily involved on campus. He was a fraternity brother at Alpha Epsilon Pi.
Our hearts go out to Adam, his family, and anyone who may have known him.
Update–3/23/2016: One of Adam’s friends wrote this comment in response to the article

I’m in this chapter and it was a sad day for us. We had a brother die 3 or 4 years ago from seizures, but I didn’t know him personally. This was my best friend’s big and a close friend of mine. Great kid, we’re planting a tree in our front yard in his honor, and bought a tree in Israel for him.

History of Death at Ultra Music Festival

We have no idea as to the medical history of Adam or what caused him to seize up, but the sad truth is that for all the glitz and glam of Ultra Music Festival, there’s been a dark cloud surrounding the event.
Alex’s death now makes three out of four years that someone has died (or sustained fatal injuries) at Ultra Music Festival. Clearly something needs to change from the organizational side, but attendees must also realize the consequences their actions can have on their health.

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