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WATCH: Frat Dude Asks Jennifer Lawrence to Formal in Really Weird Video

Fraternity Jennifer Lawrence


Asking celebrities to college formals seems to be the best new trend these days. Sounds like a long shot, but guys like Patrick Goswitz, who successfully took adult film star Cherry Morgan to a school event, gives us hope.

Granted, Cherry Morgan isn’t exactly an A-list celebrity, so not that much hope. But guys continue to try nonetheless. Case in point: this fraternity brother from the University of Florida, who made a video asking Jennifer Lawrence to his formal.

Considering she didn’t even acknowledge the Navy Seal who asked her a similar question a few months back, we don’t think the odds are in his favor. But could you imagine if she did accept? She’s such a chill, funny, weird girl that he’d definitely have an awesome time.

On another note, I’m not sure why he’s dressed like an avatar but hey, whatever works. Check it out below.

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