UTK Student Takes Adult Film Star to Parents Weekend Formal, Goes Down as a Legend

A brother of UT-Knoxville’s Sigma Chi is officially going down as a legend after he took adult film star Cherry Morgan to his formal this past weekend. Best part? It wasn’t actually his fraternity formal, it was a formal for parents weekend that students can also bring dates to.

Uh… who was your date again? And were your parents into the match, or not so much because they saw her bang other dudes on video?

In short: the dude is legendary. First of all, it looks like Patrick Goswitz – set to graduate in 2017 – showed ol’ Cherry here a really awesome time. Per her Twitter account:






Ok, it looks like both of them had a really awesome time. Could this be the beginning of a long-lasting relationship? Probably not, but it’s definitely one hell of a story.

Luckily Goswitz’s parents didn’t attend the event, but based on the media’s reaction, we can imagine they now know about their son’s extracurriculars. But things could be worse… like not taking a porn star to formal.

[H/T: Total Fraternity Move]

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