Kanye West Declares War On L.A. Clippers Chuck The Condor [VIDEO]

Chuck The Condor Kanye West

Kanye West wants to redesign the L.A. Clippers’ mascot — and we think he must be serious, because he was even really polite when he asked the team’s owner…

Kanye West Chuck

And we’re pretty sure that this is the one thing that’ll convince America that Kanye West isn’t such a bad guy. Check out the video below. It’s the disaster that was Chuck’s debut just two weeks ago. Pretty much everybody found the cartoon condor to be pretty appalling.

Also, Kanye just declared that he’s “going Mad Max.” He was talking about no longer following the fashion designer calendar for releasing new clothes, but we’d love to see a Fury Road-inspired NBA mascot. Steve Ballmer, put aside your ego and do the right thing. Kanye is our only hope…

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