Charlotte McKinney Is A Must-See In Go See Magazine [PHOTOS]

Charlotte McKinney hasn’t exactly been shy about becoming one of America’s favorite models — but now she’s really pushing her international appeal with a new photo shoot with Antoine Verglas for GoSee magazine. It’s easily the hottest shoot yet from a gal who could be cooling things down in the wake of massive mainstream fame.  [detail of photo via…]
Of course, we’re very proud early promoters of the amazing Charlotte. We were ogling the blonde beauty even before she was capitalizing the “k” in “McKinney.” But the new photo shoot for GoSee is a very impressive collection of swanky shots and daring handbras — along with some more amazing pics of Charlotte like we’ve never seen her before.

Of course, there are plenty more pics of Charlotte in our future, along with a film career that keeps taking off. Also, she’s already gotten dating Stephen Dorff out of the way.
Check out her amazing GoSee photo gallery of Charlotte in St. Barths — and then get back with us as we look back at how Charlotte launched swimsuit season last year. That still looks great, and we look forward to doing it again in 2016…

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