Another Chipotle Restaurant Had To Close Because Four Employees Got Sick

Another Chipotle location in Massachusetts was forced to close Tuesday after four of its employees became sick with the norovirus, just a couple months after a huge food-borne illness health scare also involving the norovirus. None of the restaurant’s customers became sick, but at what point do stories like this start to take effect on the chain’s business?
Apparently, immediately.
According to FOX, Chipotle’s shares fell 3.8 percent to $504.50 in extended trading.
The store, located in Billerica (outside of Boston) was closed for a full cleaning and will be inspected this morning. “The employees did not come into the restaurant,” Sandra Giroux, of the Billerica Board of Health, said. “They called in sick. Chipotle has voluntarily shut down and are throwing away all of the food items in the store and are sanitizing everything according to their new protocol [source].”
You might remember that Chipotle recently had multiple different food-borne illnesses break out at different locations around the country. Along with California, Massachusetts Chipotles were the cause of a statewide norovirus outbreak.
Other locations in various states caused E Coli outbreak.

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