The Amazing Evolution of Full Face Tattoo On Criminal In GIF Form

Jacob Pauda, a man with a history of criminal activity, was recently found guilty of attacking his pregnant girlfriend with a butcher knife. While he was high on cocaine. While his girlfriend was on the phone with her mother.
Believe it or not, while you might not know this man by name, you probably know him by his face. Which is strange because you probably don’t know many people capable of that kind of violence.
You see in addition to doing jail time, Jacob has a fascination with inking up his face. Over the past few years he’s added than just 9 arrests to his record, he’s also added some of the scariest tattoos to his face we’ve ever seen ever. But it didn’t just happen all at once. It was a process.
Thanks to combination effort between Esquire (who found all of Jacob’s mugshots) and BroBible (who made them into a GIF), we now have this absolutely insane evolution.
[protected-iframe id=”3e30a69947604fd8e139818c45ecdaca-3508545-22621496″ info=”” width=”656″ height=”596″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

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