Man Dies After Taking Selfie With a Gun… Yes, Really

We’re all guilty of the sporadic selfie – and none of us (except for the Kardashians) are particularly proud of whipping out that obnoxious metal stick mid-meal. It’s not only annoying but also rather pointless. Just be in the moment with your gnocchi! You don’t need a photo with it.
Unfortunately this man never got that word of advice.
A 43-year-old man from Washington died tragically Sunday after accidentally shooting himself in the face mid-gun selfie. According to AP, the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Chief Chad Clark said the man loaded and unloaded the gun several times earlier that day, before the man started taking photographs with his girlfriend and the weapon. Authorities say a stray bullet remained in the gun and he accidentally shot himself in the face while at home. His name has not yet been released.
Listen, death is always tragic, no matter the circumstance. But come on! Why were you loading this thing and then taking pictures with it?! Doesn’t seem like the brightest idea.
Let this be a lesson learned to all of you fools out there.

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