2016 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations: #7 Negril, Jamaica

negril spring break

Jamaica! The land of weed, beautiful beaches, and ganja. But despite what you might have heard about the dangers of Jamaica’s towns and cities… wait, no. Those warnings are pretty much on point.

Without getting into too much detail, Jamaica’s crime has skyrocketed since growers moved from marijuana to the more profitable crop of cocaine. With that move came the guns and violence that typically accompanies the business. Of course you can still find as much weed as your lungs can handle, but just be careful where you do it. The upside is that Negril is far west of Kingston, so police are there specifically helping out tourists.

You’re fine on the long stretch of seven-mile beach, just make sure you’re familiar with the word “no.” A ton of hustlers will try to sell you everything on this earth.

Those looking for a raunchy and trashy time will have no problem finding them in Jamaica. One of our close friends can recall being woken up by the 50-year-old, weathered female resort MC reminding everyone that it was “Time to get your t*tties and d*cks wet.” This was at 9 AM.

2016 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations: #8 Playa Del Carmen
2016 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations: #8 Playa Del Carmen
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