Heavy Rain PS4 Review & Must-See Details

The 2010 PS3 classic Heavy Rain is back and looking better than ever on the PS4, thanks to a wholesale remaster that makes the already gorgeous game look better than it ever has before.
Game: Heavy Rain
Consoles: PS4 (reviewed)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developers: Quantic Dream
Release Date: March 1
When it first came out on the PS3 in 2010, Heavy Rain was something unlike anything that had come before. Using motion-captured performances and numerous quick-time events, it put you inside the heads of several connected characters. Their shared link is the Origami Killer, a serial murderer who strikes in the silence of night and eludes police capture.
Instead of blazing action sequences, the game relies on tension-filled moments of suspense. One moment, you’ll be helping a character eat breakfast, brush his teeth or rock a crying baby to sleep, only to have your world torn up by a strike from the killer. Your words and actions manipulate the story, leading to the survival or death of several people. There is no going back to restart your game after saves, making your choices resonate even more.
Don’t go looking for many changes other than the visual improvements. The developers at Quantic Drea knew they had something that worked too well to tinker with. Still, there is plenty of replay value here, since different choices will drastically change the story and its endings.

The move from 720p to 1080p visuals pays off bigtime, with vivid lighting and more nuanced models looking even more lifelike than before. If you’ve played Heavy Rain already, you’re getting pretty much the same game, only better looking and with new, PS4-exclusive trophies. The first release of the game came before the existence of PS3 trophies, which were added in a later update. The story-expanding DLC packs are also included.

If you’ve played through Heavy Rain on the PS3, you know what to expect here. Sony’s refusal to add backward compatability to the PS4 means that if you got rid of the old system, this is the only way to go back and enjoy one of the best games on that system. Newer games such as Beyond: Two Souls and Before Dawn took the concept from the game and expanded it, but Heavy Rain still stands up well, executing its style with a touch that hasn’t been matched.


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“The presentation for Heavy Rain is nearly flawless with some stunning mo-cap work.” –Game Chronicles
“Without a doubt, one of the most ambitious titles to come out in a long time and delivers on all its promises. ” –GameFocus
“A hell of an experience.” –IGN

Heavy Rain Screenshots:

The publisher provided a review copy. 

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