Mizzou Protesters Update Their List of Demands & Reactions Are All Over The Place

Student protesters at the University of Missouri are still making their voices heard with an updated list of demands for their future school president. Here’s the full statement:

Mizzou Demands


According to The Columbia Tribune, interim Mizzou President Mike Middleton has already responded.

Middleton issued a response to the group’s statement, listing efforts to meet Concerned Student 1950’s original list of demands. Middleton said the university system has formed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force with representatives from each campus, created a chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer position and conducted a full review of all UM policies for staff and student conduct.

“The time for demands has passed,” Middleton said. “We have already begun the very important work of making our campuses more diverse, equitable and inclusive.”

Middleton said the UM System has encouraged students to be part of the solution by working together with the new campus and system efforts.

#ConcernedStudent1950 started trending on Twitter back in November after several students demanded the resignation of the university’s president, Tim Wolfe. Students claimed Wolfe mishandled several racist incidents on campus, including a swastika written in human feces was found inside of a student dormitory. Eventually Wolfe stepped down, but protests continued onward.

Initial demands were as follows:

Mizzou List of Demands
According to students, six out of the eight demands have been ignored, and they demand that changes be made by August.

The updated list was unveiled yesterday, the same day the University of Missouri Board of Curators selected a Presidential Search Committee and consulting firm to help recruit candidates to run the school.

As for reactions, Twitter is overwhelmed with mixed opinions:



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