Fairfield University Throws “Ghetto-Themed” Party & Students Are Pretty Pissed About It

Students from Fairfield University are currently under fire after an off-campus house hosted a “ghetto-themed” party, with several attendees reportedly showing up in black face. Several students have expressed their disapprroval via social media and are calling for more sensitivity on the suburban Connecticut campus.

Fairfield having a "ghetto themed" party and dressing up as pregnant women saying whose the father. SHAMEFUL

— Bella G (@Bguanc) February 22, 2016

students at Fairfield U had a "ghetto" themed party where people wore corn rows and carried colt 45 and wore baggy jeans……… SMFH

— kb (@sickxmachine) February 22, 2016

The incident, which took place in a private, off-campus house this past weekend, is currently under investigation. University officials have since released a statement, claiming they had no knowledge the party was taking place, but condemned it nonetheless. They plan on taking action where they see fit once the investigation is over.

“It is truly disappointing to see my fellow students … behave in such a manner that mocks (another) race,” Anmol Tabassum, a Bridgeport resident and Fairfield University sophomore, told the Connecticut Post Monday.

Joe Harding, a Fairfield University junior from Philadelphia, expressed similar thoughts. “The fact that there was even an idea to dress as ‘ghetto’ is an intrinsically perverted issue. When a party has a theme, the participants are expected to wear a costume. In this case, the partygoers chose to wear clothing and accessories that portrayed their conceptualizations of what it means to be ghetto… Ghetto is not a term of endearment.”

Other students had mixed reactions and took the matter lightly. However, the story is just starting to pick up steam and pissing people off on a national level. Based on similar stories that gained media attention prior to this incident, it’s hard to imagine someone not realizing what’s wrong with this picture. Granted, photographic evidence of students in black face have yet to surface (at least online, anyway), but if the allegations are true, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I thought college was supposed to make you smarter and more open-minded… or was that just mine?

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