Woman Claims Stanley Cup Got Her Pregnant, Yes Really

You know that whole immaculate conception thing? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s bullsh*t. You’re not getting pregnant if there’s no P in V action, regardless of what your parents said about sitting on public toilet seats.

This woman, on the other hand, claims different.

Cheryl Riley experienced years of infertility until the Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup title in 1996. Then-player Mike Ricci decided to throw a celebratory party that Riley attended. While she was there, she decided to join in on the fun and slap a big wet kiss on the prized cup. A few weeks later she found out she was pregnant and Riley credits the kiss to helping knock her up.

No. F*cking. Joke.

“It was Aug. 1,” said Cheryl, in her early 40s in the summer of 1996. “Mike [Ricci] brought the Cup up here and on Labor Day weekend we were playing some volleyball on the beach, and I realized that my fingers and ankles were getting sore. Then I discovered that I didn’t like the taste of some of the foods I had been eating, and I realized these were things women complain about it when they are pregnant.”

“We knew it was that night, we knew it was the day I kissed the Stanley Cup,” Cheryl said.

Once she popped the kid out, she professed her gratitude by naming her son Stanley. Really. Really.

Stanley – make sure to keep this story under wraps, for your sake.

[H/T: NHL]


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