You Need This New Moleskine Backpack Stat

Our Miss COED 2016 finalists got hooked up with some sweet Moleskine gear, and we’re so jealous, we decided we needed to stock up on some products for ourselves.

Image via Jillian Walker

Image via finalist Jillian Walker

You might be surprised to learn that the company’s products go beyond notebooks. On their website, you can get everything from folders and phone cases to pens and wallets. Yet our favorite is the Moleskine Classic Backpack. It has easily adjust able straps, a space for your laptop, and boasts pockets on either side- perfect for carrying around all your crap. Because let’s be honest, you have a lot of it.

Yet arguably the best part is that it’s completely water resistant. In other words, when you spill your coffee during your 8 am class, you can quickly wipe it down, and it’ll be good as new!

The price tag will set you back a cool $150, but when you’re paying for quality, it’s totally worth it.

So whether you’re looking to replace that old backpack you’ve been carrying around since before high school or you want something that’s convenient to use while traveling on vacation, this is the bag for you.

You’re welcome for saving you time. 

Buy the Moleskine Classic Backpack here.

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