Stephanie Beaudoin, World's Hottest Criminal, Lands Modeling Contract Post-Jail Time

If you don’t remember Stephanie Beaudoin, you’re a chump. The gorgeous 21-year-old Canadian went viral roughly two years ago after getting arrested for committing 42 different break-ins (illegal, but impressive) and stealing $58,000 worth of items. She was also charged with illegal possession of three firearms when her car was searched by authorities around the same time. With all of the free press, it was no wonder she was crowned the world’s hottest thief. Just a quick glance at her Facebook page could confirm such an accusation.
Shortly after she blew up on the Internet, she was more or less forgotten about, just like everything else that’s ever appeared online. Luckily Vice brought her back into our lives with some great news – after spending 90 days in jail, Beaudoin landed herself a modeling gig.

Before her arrest, Beaudoin had been a fledgling model with a limited career that mostly consisted of posing for calendars. “Nothing really big,” she said. But as her picture continued to make international headlines, the young woman became in demand. In July 2015, her photo made the cover of local mens mag Summum, and in September 2015, she was recruited by B Models Management.

Unfortunately for Beaudoin, there is a catch: she can’t discuss the criminal activity that got her here.

But the judge’s ruling limits her professional opportunities: While she can continue to model, her image can’t be used to promote criminal behavior, which means she pretty much has to drop the “sexy thief” monicker. In his ruling, the judge strongly recommended she stop modeling altogether, since keeping creative control over her image could be difficult. Her modeling agency says it is “studying current options” for more opportunities.

Beaudoin is OK with these restrictions.

“I can have modeling contracts as Stéphanie Beaudoin. I could have my face on a skin care product,” she said. “I just can’t do it if the brand says something like ‘Stephanie the criminal’ or whatever. It’s a pretty OK condition.”

She’s already debuted her first magazine cover… and we’re heading to Canada to get a copy.
She’s the true embodiment of the Canadian Dream. Reacquaint yourself with the hot felon below.

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