Etsy is Selling a Really Weird Urine to Water Conversion Set & We’re Currently Gagging

Etsy is full of things we don’t need – that sweet, multi-colored cat poster not included – and in-between the mundane contraptions no one should give a sh*t about but does, there’s the weird stuff. Like really, really weird stuff.

Case in point: this horrifying discovery a COED editor came across today about how to turn your urine into actual drinking water.

Etsy UrineWTF?! Who would want to do that anyway? And why is someone searching for that on a site dedicated to handmade knits and Magic posters? Sadly the photo attached is even more disturbing than the description:

Urine to Drinking Water How To


Are your eyes bleeding? Because mine are. I’m also on the verge of stabbing them out completely and vomiting up everything I’ve eaten since Saturday. WTF is happening here and why? Why?

Further details are listed as follows: “Convert your urine into clean drinking water safely with this genital garter attachment and drinking water conversion system.”

A genital garter attachment? Are you f*cking serious? Excuse me while I never look at anything online ever again – this is almost as upsetting as the whole Donald Trump debacle.

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