World’s New Sexiest Criminal Has A Gun, We’ll Still Take Her In [PICS]

We try to be careful when it comes to celebrating the criminal element here at COED, because you can jump on a story about a sexy alleged criminal like Stéphanie Beaudoin and then find things getting unfunny. In this case, however, we’re increasingly comfortable with the funny feelings we’re getting from the Montreal beauty–who might be guilty of 42 counts of breaking and entering, and might have some knowledge of the nine stolen guns in her possession, but let’s consider her online pics here.

We’re just saying that Stéphanie Beaudoin has some real skills when it comes to taking selfies, and would somebody who was really guilty actually pose with a gun? Your Honor, there’s reasonable doubt–including the fact that we’re saying she’s a Montreal beauty, but she might really be from Victoriaville, which is about 100 miles away from Montreal. There’s a language barrier here. But the important thing is that Stéphanie gets due process, plus due diligence as we diligently check out these pics….

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