Judy Love: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Billionaire

Judy Love yelled “Suck it up, Lebron!” during Cavaliers vs. OKC Thunder game. This deep, guttural outburst was caught on video and instantly went viral.  Did you know this 78-year-old, front row basketball fan, is a self-made billionaire? Yes, she is worth a staggering $6 Billion. Lebron’s $310 Million are peanuts to her.

Who is Judy Love?

Judy Love ranked #7 in Forbes’ 2015 America’s Self-Made Women with a net worth of $2.4 billion. Married with four kids, Judy made her fortune in the retail & gas stations business. A resident of Oklahoma City, she received her Bachelor of Arts / Sciences degree from the University of Central Oklahoma.
Judy and her husband Tom founded Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores in 1964. The couple took $5,000 they had saved and leased an abandoned gas station in Watonga, Oklahoma. Within a few years, the company had 40 stations and began to open convenience stores alongside the pumps. Today Love’s has more than 300 locations in 39 states.
Judy kept the books and ran the company with Tom until 1975, when she returned to college to complete her degree.

Judy Love Net Worth $6 Billion

Initially, Judy’s husband (Tom Love) owned restaurants and car washes, until he discovered an opportunity in abandoned gas stations. In 1964, Tom and Judy Love leased a gas station in Watonga, Oklahoma, and Tom dropped out of the University of Oklahoma.
A few years later, they launched a convenience store. Today, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores is a national chain with more than 300 locations in 39 states. Located along interstates, they offer gas stations, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, showers and trucking supplies. The company remains family-owned and operated. Tom is chairman and CEO, and three of the couple’s four children work for the company.
Tom & Judy Love are ranked #108 on Forbes 400 (2015) with a net worth of $6 Billion.

Screaming at LeBron James


The 78-year-old billionaire screamed “Just suck it up, LeBron!” during the Cavaliers vs. OKC Thunder game. LeBron was arguing with the referee and Judy, sitting in the front row, decided to offer some solid advice to King James.


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