WATCH: Helicopter Crash Video In Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Yesterday a helicopter touring Pearl Harbor and the area around the U.S.S. Arizona crashed into shallow water, and a tourist filmed the whole thing on video.
First things first: all five of passengers onboard are currently alive. One is in critical condition but the other four seemed to holding up as well as one could be. According to NPR “people at the scene, posting on social media accounts, said the crash victims appeared to be conscious and were moving their arms when taken away on stretchers.”
After the crash, bystanders immediately jumped into the water and helped to save the victims who weren’t able to get out of the chopper themselves.

“I took off my shirt and dove in,” he said, describing how he, a Navy sailor, a federal police officer and another man took turns diving to the submerged helicopter and trying to free a passenger with a knife. “He was strapped into his seat in the back of the aircraft.”
They eventually freed the teenage passenger [source].

The helicopter was operated by a company called Genesis Aviation who fly out of Honolulu International Airport.
Here’s an interview with the guy who shot the video.

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