Lucius Oliver Hamilton Full Story: Wabash Shooting Info

Lucius “Lu” Oliver Hamilton III, an employee at Wabash College in Indiana, is believed to be behind the double-homicide of Katherine Janet Giehll (31) and her four-year-old son Raymond Giehll. Both bodies were found shot inside their home in Zionsville, Indiana. After the bodies were discovered by the authorities, Wabash College was placed on lockdown as police began the manhunt.
Chris Burcham of the Boon County Sheriff’s Department, who reported to the murder scene, described the crime as the most “heinous” and “heartbreaking” thing he had witnessed. “Lucius Hamilton….I will not stop until we find you. I would suggest that if you hear this, or see this, that you turn yourself in to law enforcement immediately,” Officer Burcham continued.

Lucius checked out a Wabash van from the school around 9:30 AM–a time police believe followed his grisly double-homicide.
The lockdown at Wabash was finally lifted around 2:30 PM EST but the story was far from over. Around 3:45 PM, Indianapolis Police reported they had come under fire during their search for Lucius as they approached a Hilton hotel.
We now know where Lucius went with that van.

According to the police statement above, Lucius called police and informed them where he was. When police arrived at his hotel room door and knocked, he fired a couple of shots into the door. He then barricaded himself inside and then killed himself.

“Through many investigative techniques, we were able track Hamilton down to a specific location in downtown Indianapolis where he cowardly took his life instead of choosing to face justice for his actions,” Sheriff Michael Nielsen said. “My heart goes out to the Giehll family and to the first responders that witnessed this horrific scene.”

Who Is Lucius Hamilton III?

Lucius was an employee of Wabash College and the uncle of Katherine Giehll. There is no known motive at this time.
Lucius himself had graduated from Wabash back in 1976 and worked there as a Senior Major Gifts Officer.

Indiana's Wabash College on Lockdown After Employee Commits Double Murder
Indiana's Wabash College on Lockdown After Employee Commits Double Murder
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