This Girl Texted Old Drunken Flames on Valentine's Day & Their Responses Are Gold

Valentine’s Day is for lovers… or, at the very least, people who know each other’s last name. “But” as recent college-grad ,Victoria writes on her blog, “who says Valentine’s Day can’t be spent rekindling an old, drunken flame?”
For the past couple of summers, Victoria has gone abroad to Dublin, Ireland. While out on the town in various clubs and pubs, she managed to rack up a number of numbers—guys she had no real intentions of seeing again, but had entered their contact information into her phone. So, in the cynical spirit of this commercialized holiday, she decided to send some of the mystery men in her phone a simple “Happy  Valentine’s Day.”
Of the 17 messages she sent out, she got four replies. And, let me tell you, they’re gems.
The first to respond was a guy named Niall:
“I was incredibly surprised he remembered me,” writes Victoria. “It’s been 7 months! He was actually a nice guy and his responses were tame enough so I left the conversation there because moments later I got a text from a contact saved in my phone as ‘Penguin Erector.'”
Apparently when thy had met, this guy had told Victoria that he worked at the Dublin Zoo—his official job title being “Penguin Erector.” Basically, if a penguin toppled over, it was his job to pick them up and put them back on their feet. In any case, here’s what he had to say:
Spoiler Alert: she doesn’t add him on LinkedIn (Xx).
After a name like “Penguin Erector,” “Ryan” seems boring in comparison, though his conversation certainly wasn’t.
And, last but not least was Isaac, who has gifted us with this little tidbit of wisdom:
Thanks for sharing, Victoria. Also, you may want to charge your phone.
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