Delmon Young's Girlfriend Put Him on Blast After Hacking His Facebook & The Status Updates Are Hilarious

Cheating is awful, but what’s even worse is people who don’t learn from other idiot’s mistakes. Case in point: Delmon Young, a 30-year-old baseball player who decided to cheat on his girlfriend while simultaneously being open about his social media passwords. You can imagine where this is going.
The past few days have been pretty rough for the ball player, to say the least. A little over a week ago, Young was arrested in Miami after threatening to choke and kill a valet driver. Apparently, the free agent outfielder wanted to go in a club and told the victim to let him in. The valet told Young that the club was closed, to which he responded with “Stupid Cuban. Open the f*cking door. I’m here. Now what?… I’m gonna f*cking kill you, you Latin piece of sh*t.”
How sweet! He was charged with one count of battery.
You’d think after that episode Young would try to cool it a bit, but naturally, you thought wrong.
Instead, he decided to take a random girl out for Valentine’s Day instead of his alleged girlfriend Yuli Alfonso, which he presumably regretted. While out schmoozing some other girl, Alfonso hacked his Facebook and declared his love for alcohol and prostitutes to the world.

That was sweet, wasn’t it? Gotta love young love. Next time you want to cheat on your girlfriend, maybe me more discreet about it? Or just breakup with her? Oh, and don’t let her know you Facebook password.

[H/T: BroBible]

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