Man Dumps Cheating Girlfriend on Valentine's Day in The Best Way Ever

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for lovers, but in this case, it’s a way to call out a backstabbing cheater for being the absolute worst. Isn’t revenge so sweet?
In a new video posted to YouTube just a few hours ago, Kyle Boggess from California let his girlfriend have it on Valentine’s Day that will make you cry. And not because it was really, really sweet.
According to The Daily Mail, Boggess had been dating his girl for only two weeks when he decided to make a fake Plenty of Fish profile to catch her in the act. Instead of just calling her out for finding her profile, he had her come to his house on Valentine’s Day, blindfolded her, scattered rose petals all over his house, and presented her with a card full of photographic proof of her awfulness.
Naturally, Boggess filmed the entire interaction and posted it online for all the world to see. Check it out:


Boggess also posted this to his Facebook page.

He claimed when he posted the video on Facebook: ‘My “girlfriend” was being shady. I made a fake Plenty Of Fish account and she told that account she was single, had no luck with guys blah blah blah.’
He claimed she made plans with him over the fake profile.

The girl in the video was later identified as Anna Miller and her sister fought back with a vicious Facebook message:

Granted, the whole thing seems a bit extreme considering they were only dating for two weeks, but whatever. Maybe he’s just sensitive? I mean, come on. Two weeks?! You probably didn’t even know her middle name! Everyone just needs to chilllll.
Am I wrong? I’m going with “no.”
Update: We’ve since heard from Kyle and he had a lot to say. Since he insinuated that he was wrongly represented in our article, we’ll give the guy a chance to explain himself. After all, there’s two sides to every story, and at least one a**hole. We’ll let you decide who is who.
Kyle Boggess

1. I haven’t spoken to that Samantha chick since SOPHOMORE YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL lmfao. Idk where that came from at all. 2. We were together a month and a half. She said two weeks because I ignored her for a few days in the middle of it when I started realizing she was full of sh*t. Then I decided to troll her and make an example out of her.

He then gave us a link to his Facebook page, which had a ton of crazy information on it. First, there were texts about cheating.

Here are the screenshots of her telling me she would “Kill me” if I ever cheated on her. And the screenshots from the fake dating site account telling them she was single and making plans with them a few hours later. Then the final screenshot is me telling her I would forgive her and drop it if she told the truth about everything. Sexist? Angry? No, I’m proving a point. If you are going to be a compulsive liar, try to hurt people and only care about yourself then there are repercussions for your actions. I am in no way made at her, I could care less. It is overwhelming how many women like this there are out. I’m tired of it. It seriously makes all women look bad when I know there are plenty of awesome women out there with girls like this giving them a bad name. ‪#‎TeamKyle‬


Then he revealed the Plenty of Fish messages that Anna found in her card (Note: this is exactly why you don’t trust people you meet online):

And then there was an infinitely long rant explaining why his actions were justified:

So, that’s everything. Was he right in exploiting her for her wrongdoing? Was he too harsh? Or did she get what she deserved? You tell us.

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