Viola Beach, RIP — An Entire Pop Band Died Yesterday [VIDEO]

Viola Beach RIP

Viola Beach is dead. All the members of the British pop band were in a car that plunged 82 feet down into a canal in Sweden — after a highway bridge had opened to let a boat pass. The bodies of all four band members, along with that of manager Craig Tarry, were recovered by divers.

The car had to crash two barriers with flashing lights to get to the fatal drop. They also had to get around a lot of other cars that had stopped for the rising bridge — so there’s no telling yet what was going on there. They’d gotten some decent exposure with the release of the Swings & Waterslides album last year. That debut had Viola Beach sounding kind of promising as a catchy indie pop band with a brooding undercurrent.

Of course, now they’re all rock ‘n roll legends. That would be Kris Leonard (guitar/vocals), River Reeves (guitar), Tomas Lowe (bass), and Jack Dakin (drums). We’re pretty sure that at least one of the guys was still in their teens. Anyway, here’s an idea of what we just lost. Anything else that hasn’t been released will definitely see the light of day…..



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