LISTEN: Kanye West, The Life of Pablo Stream: New Album

Kanye West finally released his new album The Life of Pablo in CDQ on TIDAL, so drop everything and stream or download the record now. After all, this is an effort that Kanye boldly described as “not the album of the year. This is the album of the life.” Similarly, waiting for the album has seemed like an effort of the year.
The Life of Pablo (previously known as WAVESSWISH, and So Help Me God before that) is Kanye’s seventh studio album and has been a project of the rapper’s for over a year now. Paul McCartney, Sia, Vic Mensa, Kendrick Lamar, Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone are among people who’ve collaborated on tracks for the the album–but not all of them made the cut. That’s the kind of perfectionist attitude you can expect from Yeezy.
Update–3/31/2016: Sources have told The Verge that they expect The Life of Pablo to hit major music streaming service tomorrow, including Apple Streaming and Google Play.

Download The Life of Pablo

The Life of Pablo is available for download via Hopefully the album becomes available for stream as promised soon, but if you’re looking to buy the full album that’s the link.
Just an FYI, it’s $20 as opposed to the $12 that everyone thought it would be. Whatever. As long as we don’t have to keep refreshing Twitter or losing sleep.

Stream The Life of Pablo

The Life of Pablo is now available for streaming on all major streaming sites, not just TIDAL. That means Spotify and Apple Music.  We’ve included the Spotify embed for you below.
[spotify id=”spotify:album:7r2YJYs1m4wVOOvaRdJEGT” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]
If you want to create a TIDAL account, you’ll need to also choose a type of account you’d like to have if you don’t cancel within thirty days. Sadly that requires a credit card.
To stream the new album, head to
[protected-iframe id=”36bc8a88207c5214db047c0e35a5a33c-3508545-22621496″ info=”” frameborder=”0″]


One person who didn’t work with Kanye was Wiz Khalifa, who along with Amber Rose, joined Kanye in one of the greatest Twitter arguments of all time. While a lot of Kanye’s vitriol–which stemmed from a misunderstanding–has since been removed by the rapper himself, the beef did do a fantastic job of promoting TLOP.
TLOP was released through GOOD Music, Roc-A-Fella Records, and Def Jam Recordings on February 11th, 2016. Before the entire album’s release, though, Kanye had offered tracks that didn’t make the cut (with exception to “No More Parties in LA”) to the public.

Kanye is certainly proud of T.L.O.P, but it’s important to note that the record is just one part of his attempt to take over Spring 2016. He debuted the album at a listening party in Madison Square Garden, which was then streamed via TIDAL to movie theaters, computers and mobile devices around the world. He also took this opportunity to debut his fashion line, “Yeezy Season 3.” That effort features clothing and shoes made by Adidas, all of which are made of neutral tones.

Meaning of The Life of Pablo

Many fans of Kanye are wondering why the album is called The Life of Pablo. Although Kanye hasn’t come out to explain just yet his reasoning, some of his fans have a pretty solid theory. Check it out below, via Reddit’s /r/Kanye.

In “No More Parties in LA” Kanye says: “I feel like Pablo when I’m working on my shoes. I feel like Pablo when I see me on the news. I feel like Pablo when I’m workin’ on my house”.
When he’s working on his shoes, he is Picasso (artist). When he is on the news, he is Escobar (criminal) When he is working on his house, he is the stereotypical Spanish male working hard. So his new album title is his way of expressing his multiple personalities.

But enough about the man. Let’s the get to the music.

Kanye West Documentary

[protected-iframe id=”a679872a8b9f892ec718f20a8a60380d-3508545-22621496″ info=”” width=”656″ height=”369″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=””]

Dissertation: A KanYe West Story

The Life of Pablo Track List

1. Ultra Light Beams
2. Father Stretch My Hands Part 1
3. Father Stretch My Hands Part 2
4. Famous
5. Feedback
6. Low Lights
7. Highlghts
8. Freestyle 4
9. I Love Kanye
10. Waves
11. FML
12. Real Friends
13. Wolves
14. Silver Surfer (Intermission)
15. 30 Hours
16. No More Parties in LA
17. Facts (Charlie Heat Version)
18. Fade
Kanye has famously changed a lot of things about The Life of Pablo, presumably because he’s such a perfectionist. Originally he had shared a notepad with some tracks he had laid out to be his tracklist, but slowly that list grew along with the amount of signatures and names associated with the project.
You can see the final instance of that notepad below.
Except he didn’t use that at all, switching up the album, the track list, and plenty more before it turned into The Life of Pablo.


The Life of Pablo Album Cover

Kanye released the album art for the Life of Pablo one hour before his MSG Yeezus Season 3 listening party. The cover is by artist Peter de Potter. We think it looks like garbage, but whatever.

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