Syracuse Student Puts Sorority on Blast, Chaos Ensues

When Syracuse senior Alex Purdy left her sorority last semester, it was not without bitterness. And in a new video that is currently making waves online, she bluntly states what future pledges will be getting themselves into if they end up in the greek system.
She starts off by saying that she is not trying to be spiteful, but wanted to talk about her experience and try to encourage change. Apparently she wanted to originally join a sorority for the positive atmosphere. Obviously, that didn’t work out too well for her.
“It was appealing to hear that it’s full of women who encourage each other to be their best self, full of women who want to develop intellectually–full of loyal friends,” she says.
Instead, she found that the girls wanted her to change, to look a certain way, and be “sluttier” so more guys would like her.
For the most part, Purdy seems brutally honest about her time in the sorority, which she never actually refers to directly. Good thing, considering the horror stories would definitely get them banned from campus. According to her, girls were told they wouldn’t be allowed to stay if they had FUPAS, and there was one incident when a Big put a weight loss supplement into her Little’s bag, as a hint.
She wound up leaving the sorority at her own will, but decided to make this video to inform other people the truth behind sorority life, hoping she could make a change.
She stated the biggest problem was  “the overwhelming lack of compassion for one another.”
So far, the video has been viewed almost 102,000 times, and social media has been flooded with her created hashtag, #SororityRevamp, invoking debate throughout various college campuses.
Check out the video here:


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