Temple Student Allegedly Arrested For Stealing 28 Twinkies, Real Reason Isn't As Awesome

Nick Blom turned legendary last night when he was arrested in Temple University’s Tech Center for allegedly stealing 28 Twinkies from a local 7/11 and stuffing them down his pants. Now, we don’t advocate stealing, but the story was pretty f*cking hilarious.
Unfortunately the real reason for his arrest isn’t even half as awesome.
Blom was seen being escorted out of the Tech Center by Temple police around 10 p.m.. The officers logged the reason as disorderly conduct. Womp, womp.
According to student Riley Conahan, a sophomore who was there for the arrest, everything started when the manager started cleaning up the space.

She says a male student was studying next to her when “the manager” came into the room, pushing in chairs and cleaning up. This male was identified by another student as Nick Blom, a Junior at Temple. He saw the student next to Riley had his jacket draped over another vacant chair and asked him to remove it. Riley says the student moved his jacket to the floor, and the manager said, “Excuse me, do you have a problem? Please pick up your jacket,” and the student asked why, saying there was no one there and asked where he would like him to put it.
“You know what, I don’t want you here. You have two minutes to get out.” replied the manager.

Instead of leaving, Blom got into an argument with the manager, who then called the cops and had him escorted off the premises.
“It was the stupidest situation ever. We were all laughing about it, and then 15 minutes later two cops came back and were like, ‘alright, buddy, let’s go,’ and the the kid was like ‘why am I being escorted out right now?’” said Riley. It got worse.

“Then the cops just grabbed him out of his chair, and the kid was yelling at us to record it. Then the cops were trying to calm him down, and they somehow smacked his head off the desk and pushed him to the ground and were on top of him and then escorted him out.”

Yeah ok, definitely not as interesting as getting busted for stolen Twinkies. Luckily, Blom was just excited to be featured on Temple’s Snapchat.
Feeling blessed is right.
[H/T: The Tab]

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