Worst Woman in the World Pretends to Have Breast Cancer, Raises Over $400k

Tracy Dart is kind of a sh*thead.
The prominent cancer research advocate hailing from Seattle was recently accused of lying about her personal breast cancer diagnoses while simultaneously raising over $400,000 for the Komen Foundation. The organization – also called Susan G. Komen for the Cure – is also under fire for having a crazy person as the face of their brand.
According to FOX News, it was a car dealer (of all people) who ratted her out.

A Washington state car dealer who helped Dart raise thousands to fight the disease said a member of Dart’s “Team Tracy” contacted him to reveal that Dart had never been ill.
“She doesn’t have cancer—she never had cancer,” the representative said, according to Auburn Volkswagen owner Matthew Welch.
Welch said he wasn’t angry about the representative’s accusation, telling KOMO, “I would say [Dart] needs help and I hope she gets it.”

Dart’s family also contacted the organization with similar concerns, but a spokesperson maintains that she never received any of the fundraising money.
“We are sad for Tracy and her family and hope that she, and they, will find healing in the days ahead,” Christi Ball Loso, a Komen’s spokeswoman, said in an email to the New York Daily News. “The Team Tracy community has been a steadfast supporter of our mission to end breast cancer since 2006. This money has been used as intended – for Komen’s research and community health programs.”
What the actual f*ck is wrong with people?
According to FOX, “‘Team Tracy’ has since been disbanded and several of its social media pages have been removed. Dart’s personal Twitter page remained active and her bio describes her as a “3x breast cancer survivor.” A link to the “Team Tracy” blog has been blocked to outside users.”
Good thing, before the Internet got hold of her. WHY would you lie about this?! Especially when you didn’t even get the money… we see no incentive. Tracy, shed some light on it for us, will ya? Other than just being the worst?

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