Super Bowl 50: Top 10 Greatest Super Bowls Ever Played

Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner, which means that list after list of top moments from years past are going to be published everywhere.
But the truth of the matter is that some games (not plays) are just more entertaining than other. For example that Seahawks vs. Broncos game was a real doozy.
So with that in mind, check out the ten best and most exciting actual Super Bowl games ever played:

Baltimore vs. San Francisco, Super Bowl XLVII
One of the oddest games of all-time when the lights went out at the Superdome. The Ravens have rolled out to a huge lead before the lights went out in New Orleans. After the lights came up back on, San Francisco rallied to make it a game but couldn’t come all the way during a 34-31 loss. Baltimore got their second Super Bowl title but it is a game that will never be forgotten no matter what.

New England vs. St. Louis, Super Bowl XXVI

This was the beginning of the Patriots’ dynasty as they upset the heavily-favored Rams 20-17 on an Adam Vinatieri field goal. St. Louis had tied the game at 17 with just 1:30 to go which made Fox announcer John Madden to say that New England should just play for overtime. Tom Brady and company wouldn’t have any of that as they drove down the field inside the Superdome to get the winning field goal. Brady ended up being the MVP and the Patriots would begin their winning ways.

Pittsburgh vs. Arizona, Super Bowl XLIII

One of the most exciting games in recent history came when the Cardinals and Steelers fought it out in Tampa. After a long Larry Fitzgerald touchdown gave Arizona a 23-20 lead, Ben Roethlisberger found Santonio Holmes in the corner of the end zone to give Pittsburgh a 27-23 win. This game will also be remembered for James Harrison’s 100-yard run down the sideline for a touchdown after an interception to end the first half that gave Pittsburgh all the momentum going into the locker room.

N.Y. Jets vs. Baltimore, Super Bowl III

There is no doubt that this game makes the list strictly on the historical consequences of it when Jets quarterback Joe Namath guaranteed victory against the Colts, who were favored by 19 points. The New York offense did just enough and a missed opportunity by the Colts when Jimmy Orr was wide open on a flea flicker and instead turned into a Earl Morrall interception ended Baltimore’s chances at winning during a 16-7 loss at the Orange Bowl.

N.Y. Giants vs. New England, Super Bowl XLII

The greatest upset in Super Bowl history happened as the Giants beat the 18-0 Patriots 17-14 at University of Phoenix Stadium. This one is remembered for the David Tyree against the helmet catch and the Plaxico Burress touchdown catch on a pass from Eli Manning in the last two minutes of play. It was shocking to anyone who watched the game and saw the chance for a 19-0 season go down in flames. There may never be a game like this ever again.

Pittsburgh vs. Dallas, Super Bowl XIII

High-scoring and full of excitement would be a great way to describe this battle at the Orange Bowl as the Steelers scored a 35-31 win. Two legendary teams meeting up and the Cowboys did make it a game in the closing minutes with two touchdowns. The reason this game is so high on the list is the fact that there was seven touchdown passes and it will the highest-scoring game between two teams in a long time and still ranks way up there today. It will also be remembered for this play…..

San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, Super Bowl XXIII

Anyone who disputes the drama of what happened in Miami for this one isn’t a true fan. Joe Montana’s pass to John Taylor in the final minute gave the 49ers a 20-16 win and their second Super Bowl win over the Bengals in less than a decade. Cincinnati appeared to have the game in hand with a 16-13 lead and San Francisco pinned deep in their own territory but Montana’s greatness was able to get the 49ers down the field and in for the winning score.

N.Y. Giants vs. Buffalo, Super Bowl XXV
This game was played in the shadow of the beginning of the Gulf War and Whitney Houston’s national anthem is still played to this day. The Bills were in their first Super Bowl and looked to win the game on a Scott Norwood field goal in the last few seconds. Norwood’s kick though would go wide right and while the Bills were play the next three Super Bowls as well, they wouldn’t win any of those either.

St. Louis vs. Tennessee, Super Bowl XXXIV
There are going to be a lot of folks who believe that this should be the top game ever and while the Rams’ 23-16 victory over the Titans was great, it ends up at number two here. Mike Jones’ tackle of Kevin Dyson at the one-yard line as time expired allowed St. Louis to gain their first Super Bowl tackle. With the team now moved back to Los Angeles for the 2016 season, fans in St. Louis only have their memories of the Greatest Show on Turf and this win at the Georgia Dome.

New England vs. Seattle, Super Bowl XLIX

The greatest Super Bowl ever happened just this past season at the stadium where great games always happen in Glendale, Arizona at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Seahawks were less than two yards away from winning their second straight Super Bowl before Russell Wilson’s pass was intercepted by Malcolm Butler at the goal line, giving the Patriots a 28-24 win and Tom Brady his fourth Super Bowl title. It is a play that will live in infamy for Seattle and their fans who still are wondering why Marshawn Lynch didn’t get the ball near the goal line when he probably would have easily scored.

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