WATCH: Crazy Woman Goes on Racist Rant in NYC Subway & It's Actually Insane

If you’re not a New Yorker, you have less of an understanding about how the subway works. What’s supposed to be a means of transportation to work, home, and ridiuclous events in abandoned warehouses is also home to struggling performers, people in need of money, and the flat-out insane. It goes without saying that that sort of thing is made for TV, and subway riders aren’t afraid to get in your face and tape your stupidity, if need be.
Enter this insane white woman donning a purple scarf, who decided it’d be an awesome idea to go off on a racist rant mid-ride. The video description – which was posted on YouTube this past weekend – pretty much sums up what you’re about to see.

This racist, disgruntled white woman became enraged without provocation at the sight of inner city African American males from East New York riding the train due to their skin color. The rest of the video explains itself.

Oh yeah it does.
At this point we suspect that everyone is really f*cking dumb. Will no one learn that when you open up your big fat mouth you will be made a fool of online?!
Apparently not. Check out the argument in the intense video below.

[H/T: College Candy]

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