Brice Winrow Puts OBU Campus in Danger, Currently At Large

Brice Winrow Photos OBU


Oklahoma Baptist University was on lockdown last night when an armed man moseyed around school grounds after fleeing an accident.

The incident started around 4:15 P.M. when police pulled over a reckless driver near 177th and MacArthur. Brice Winrow – who has now been confirmed as the suspect – did not pull over, and instead crashed his car down the block. He then ran onto the north part of the OBU Campus near the athletic fields around 4:45 P.M., causing the university to go into lockdown.

According to police, the truck Winrow was driving was stolen and another person was in the car with him. Their part in the incident remains unknown.

Winrow, who has reportedly been arrested several times before, remains at large. OBU President David Whitlock released the following on social media:

Authorities are continuing with their search. Stay safe, OBU.

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