Celebs Agree — Kate Mara's Invisible Top Stole The SAG Awards [PHOTOS]

Kate Mara attended the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards last night and stole the red carpet. And if you don’t believe us, then just check out Johnny Galecki in the pic above. There’s probably two dozen SAG puns floating around that guy’s head at this moment captured in time. [photo: Christopher Polk/Getty]
Fortunately, we’re too mature for that kind of thing. We will, however, note that Kara looked to be sporting an invisible top to her dress worthy of her recent work as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four. Too bad that movie bombed over the summer — but Kate was still in good company after a turn in the much-better-received The Martian later last year.

You can also check out this gallery to see how Kate caught the eye of an Oscar-winning actor. There’s also a guest appearance by Kate’s sister Rooney Mara  — who seems to have shopped at the same place where Kate got her skimpy outfit. That reminds us that the Maras already come from a filthy-rich family. They’re both great catches.
This was still Kate’s night to shine, though. Check out this gallery and — well, dang. We almost made a SAG pun. You probably will, too…

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