Jenna Jameson Is Almost Finished Converting To Being An Orthodox Jew

Jenna Jameson, a woman who needs no introduction, recently started a new YouTube series where she talks about lots of different things in her life. Yesterday she released a new video that discusses (among other things) why she’s been wearing a Star of David necklace for the past few months.
Apparently Jenna is almost finished with her conversion not just to Judaism, but to becoming an Orthodox Jew.
According to her story, Jenna started down the path a few months ago when she met a nice Jewish man who she’s now engaged to. After some time to think about it, she decided she wanted to convert. So she’s been meeting with a rabbi to make that conversion, one that she admits is extremely difficult.

Honestly that’s pretty much the entire story but no one in their right minds ten years ago would have ever thought to hear the words “Orthodox Jew” and “Jenna Jameson” in the same sentence unless they were talking about one of her new scenes.
Obviously she’s not in the business anymore, but she seems to be sober which is a plus for her and everyone else not trying to feel guilty about the dark hole she found herself in because of the industry.

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