The Best Memes From Alabama Vs. Clemson's Championship Game

College Football Championship 2016 Memes

The College Football Championship is finally here and after the game is over, both Clemson and Alabama fans are going to be pretty drunk and rowdy. The only difference is that one group will be celebrating, the others will be crying and yelling.
But until then, Clemson and Alabama fans are both convinced they’re going to win the trophy. That’s why they’re posting hilarious memes and photos to Twitter and Instagram. We’ve picked out the best of the best so that you can share these with your friends.
Update From Game: This Steve Harvey GIF via /u/UthaMan130 is the greatest one we’ve seen yet. Good job sir:

Chances are that if you’re friends with Bama fans, your social feed is redder than Mel Gibson after the Golden Globes.

Similarly, Clemson fans are boasting and bragging in an attempt to make people forget their years of choking at crucial moments.

Since we’re carbon-based life forms who aren’t from Alabama, we’re going to join the rest of the world in hopes that the Clemson Tigers and Dabo Swinney take the championship–but its not like we’re actually expecting that to happen. Derrick Henry is pretty much the most intimidating college football player in the game today.
Check out the funniest College Football Championship 2016 memes & images below.

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