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Golden Globes 2016: Best Actor, Musical or Comedy


Best Actor Comedy Golden Globes
Matt Damon took home the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, and while we think he was fully deserving of it (that movie was awesome), we’re still confused as to why anyone would think some dude being trapped on Mars would be funny.

Like, isn’t that pretty f*cking dramatic? Dude had to ration out his food, space suits, and try to get in contact with people back on Earth without sending a smoke signal. Sounds pretty traumatizing to us… but whatever you’re into, Hollywood.

The actor – who Ricky Gervais targeted earlier on in the show for being the only person Ben Affleck has ever been faithful to – walked up to the stage to thank his super hot wife and kids.

We would’ve thrown a shoutout to Ben Affleck, but that’s just us.

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