#GoogleYourFirstNameAndGlamourShot Is The Best Thing You'll See on the Internet Today

The Internet is great for a few things: 1. Trolling the sh*t out of everything you hate, 2. Finding spoilers you don’t actually want to know about, and 3. Finding comical genius in a social media trend.
Luckily we’re here to talk about the latter (kind of bitter about the others, TBH). #GoogleYourFirstNameAndGlamourShot started trending on Instagram today, encouraging users to post their horrific google findings to their feed for their followers to laugh at. While the Internet game has been around for a while – aren’t we all always googling ourselves, or is that just me? Am I a narcissistic scumbag? – it resurfaced this afternoon with an ’80s-inspired vengeance. Bulky sweaters, teased hair, and cats, anyone?
Check out the best photos from the Instagram trend below.

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