Billy Vegas Photos and Videos Are Starting To "Emerge"

Johnny Manziel was seen partying in Las Vegas with a blonde wig, glasses and a fake moustache introducing himself as “Billy Vegas.” This just one week after footage emerged of Johnny Football drinking Four Loko. It was also just days after he had been placed on the NFL’s concussion protocol, a meeting for which he did not show up for.
The real photos (which are apparently real and for sale) haven’t yet been released, but that hasn’t stopped some sites from trying to capitalize on the opportunity. Our friends over at BustedCoverage just revealed a conversation they had with a “seller” who was actually trying to pass off a photoshop as the real thing.

Of course, not everyone is as slick as the BustedCoverage editors. Sites like TerezOwens are publishing this photo:
Which is actually just a photoshopped version of this photo:

The real winners, though, are the people who are actually cashing in on the Billy Vegas phenomenon. Check out these shirts and paintings that people are actually selling.

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