WATCH: Lakers Fans Cement Themselves As Worst Fans Ever

Last night, the Lakers played the Warriors in Los Angeles. It was an easy victory for the Dubs, 109-88. but that’s not what we’re here to talk about…
We’re here to remark on the fact that some Lakers fans became so embarrassed of their team that they switched allegiances mid-game and had the whole thing recorded on camera.
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Or maybe they’re just bandwagon Warriors fans until the Lakers’ team improves, a theory that someone on Reddit offered:

I’ve been told that some Laker fans call the Warriors “Lakers north” and are bandwagoning the Dubs until the Lakers get better.
My brother in law told me this but I pray it was sarcastic. Shit made me gag.

Either way, as a Knicks fan this makes me happier than I can put into words. Watching the most annoying fans in basketball implode and start fighting amongst each other is like getting another Christmas present from your relatives weeks later.
**And yes, I’m well aware that these people are probably rich businessmen/tourists on a group trip who are enjoying an American basketball team. But get out of here with that reasoning.**

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