Police Arrest Eric Jamal Johnson For Murder of UNT Student

The Denton Police Department arrested Eric Jamal Johnson, 25, in the shooting death of University of North Texas student Sara Mutschlechner, a 20-year-old Junior who was shot while being the designated driver for a New Year’s Eve party.

Cpl Eric Jamal Johnson, of Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron-1, is an administrative specialist at the Yuma air base. He was arrested for murder by the U.S. Marshal Service on Tuesday morning in Yuma, Arizona.
Police at a press conference stated that Eric goes by the stage name “Santana Sage.”. He’s a rapper who goes by the same name and was with the entourage of rappers who played at the New Year’s Party Sara attended.
Police believe that two other two rappers were in the car, Tay-K and PimpyZ. Their names haven’t been made public and it’s not yet known if they’ll also face charges.
Incredibly, one of Eric’s friends on Twitter allegedly sent this DM to a friend of Sara’s after the shooting. It apparently is an attempt to clear up any “misconceptions”:

If that’s at all true, Eric can personally thank @BankzBando for ensuring that he gets the death penalty. Police currently investigating that Tweet.

Above you’ll find a photo of Eric from the US Marines Facebook page with the following caption:

“Recruit Eric J. Johnson, Platoon 1025, Company B, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, struggles to get over the first high bar during the Obstacle Course aboard the depot, Oct. 12. Recruits needed to summon all of their upper body strength to account for the additional weight they were carrying.”

Police are expected to update the case at 1 PM.

Timeline of Events

New Year’s Eve: Sara decides to act as designated driver for three of her other friends, taking them to a party in Denton, Texas.

New Year’s Eve Party: The Daytona Boyz (including Tay-K and PimpyZ) perform and pose for photos with Eric Johnson. Eric is seen with a red sweatshirt that reads “F*ck Everybody.”

At some point in the night, Eric gets into a fight with guests.

New Year’s Day–Between 1 and 2 AM: A dark SUV pulls up alongside Sara’s car at the 1700 block of North Elm Street. Words are exchanged and the passengers in the dark SUV fire shots into Sara’s car. Sara is hit in the head and the car crashes into a utility pole.

New Year’s Day–2 AM: Police are called to the scene of the crime where they find Sara, lying outside the sedan she had been driving. The three other passengers only have minor injuries.

Sara is taken to the Denton Regional Medical Center.

New Year’s Day–Afternoon: Sara is taken off of life support.

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