Rose Bowl 2016: Score, Stats & Live Updates

Final: Stanford 45, Iowa 16

Christian McCaffrey capped off his season by rushing for 172 yards and having 105 receiving yards to lead the Cardinal to the victory. Kevin Hogan finished 12-for-21 for 223 yards and three touchdowns. C.J. Beathard did what he could for Iowa in the second half, finishing 18-for-29 for 198 yards and two touchdowns.
4th Quarter- Stanford 45, Iowa 16: Kevin Hogan hits Michael Rector for the second time for the night on a 42-yard pass with 1:54 left in the game. A perfect ending to the game.
4th Quarter- Stanford 38, Iowa 16: C.J. Beathard hits Akrum Wadley out of the backfield with 2:46 to play and the score gets a little bit closer to give the Hawkeyes something to be happy about.
4th Quarter- 5:44 left: Josey Jewell intercepts Hogan in the end zone and it’s another positive moment for Iowa as the clock runs down in Pasadena.
4th Quarter- 12:29 left: McCaffrey goes over the 2,000-yard rushing mark for the season with a 25-yard run for Stanford.
4th Quarter- Stanford 38, Iowa 9: The Hawkeyes get a 36-yard touchdown pass from C.J. Beathard to Matt VandeBerg and find their way into the end zone with 13:12 left in the game.
4th Quarter- 13:19 left: Iowa is in Stanford territory trying to score a touchdown.
End of 3rd Quarter: A day to remember for Stanford leaves them 15 minutes away from taking home a Rose Bowl victory. Kevin Hogan is 8-for-16 for 156 yards and two touchdowns for the Cardinal. C.J. Beathard is 12-for-22 for 87 yards for Iowa.
3rd Quarter- 1:34 left: Christian McCaffrey has 146 yards rushing and 98 yards receiving as he may find his way to the bench to enjoy the rest of this game soon for Stanford.
3rd Quarter- Stanford 38, Iowa 3: The Hawkeyes get on the board with a 39-yard field goal by Marshall Koehn with 3:36 left in the quarter and Iowa won’t be shut out in this one.
3rd Quarter- 7:32 left: The Iowa fans can cheer after a bad snap on a Stanford punt gives the Hawkeyes great field position.
3rd Quarter- 9:34 left: The Hawkeyes simply aren’t having a good day with another punt.
3rd Quarter- Stanford 38, Iowa 0: A 31-yard field goal by Conrad Ukropina extends the lead for the Cardinal with 11:09 left in the quarter.
3rd Quarter- 13:47 left: Iowa’s first possession of the second half feels like the first half as they are forced to punt.

Halftime: Stanford 35, Iowa 0

Total domination from the Cardinal in the first half. Christian McCaffrey has 98 receiving yards, 87 rushing yards and has returned a punt for a touchdown. Kevin Hogan is 6-for-11 for 139 yards and two touchdowns through the air for Stanford. C.J. Beathard went 9-for-15 for 65 yards in the first half for Iowa, who would love to copy the Stanford script in the second half.
2nd Quarter- 2:07 left: Iowa has another fourth down at the Stanford 26-yard line with the Cardinal taking a timeout looking to score more before the half.
2nd Quarter- 4:37 left: The Hawkeyes go for it on fourth down in Stanford territory and barely get it.
2nd Quarter- Stanford 35, Iowa 0: Hogan throws his second touchdown of the game on a 31-yard pass to Michael Rector with 8:22 left in the half after Hogan faked fumbling the ball and then throwing the touchdown pass.
2nd Quarter- 9:25 left: Stanford is at the Iowa 33 after having another potential McCaffrey touchdown was called back by a penalty.
2nd Quarter- 11:54 left: The nightmare continues for Iowa as they have to punt again.
2nd Quarter- Stanford 28, Iowa 0: McCaffrey returns the Hawkeyes punt 63 yards for a touchdown with 14:12 left in the half. McCaffrey has 202 all-purpose yards already.
End of 1st Quarter: It has been a Cardinal rout through the first 15 minutes. Christian McCaffrey has 87 receiving yards and 52 rushing yards while Kevin Hogan is 3-for-5 passing for 89 yards. For Iowa, C.J. Beathard is 5-for-7 for 28 yards and is leading the Hawkeyes in rushing as well with 21 yards on the ground.
1st Quarter- 2:05 left: Iowa is forced to punt again and Stanford is in range of putting this game out of range before the first quarter is even over.
1st Quarter- Stanford 21, Iowa 0: Quenton Meeks picks off C.J. Beathard and goes 66 yards for a touchdown with 4:07 left in the quarter. This is a nightmare for the Iowa fans in Pasadena and watching at home.
1st Quarter- 7:42 left: The Hawkeyes get a first down to keep their drive alive but commit a penalty right away.
1st Quarter- Stanford 14, Iowa 0: McCaffrey is running wild in the Iowa secondary and but it is Hogan who scores on a eight-yard run with 9:13 left in the quarter for Stanford. Iowa looks shell-shocked.
1st Quarter- 12:52 left: Iowa can’t respond on their first drive and is forced to punt.
1st Quarter- Stanford 7, Iowa 0: Very quickly, the Cardinal are on the board with a 75-yard touchdown pass from Kevin Hogan to Christian McCaffrey just 11 seconds into the game.


The granddaddy of them all has arrived again as 2016 begins. The 11-2 Stanford Cardinal will take on the 12-1 Iowa Hawkeyes in Pasadena in a battle between the Pac-12 champions and a Hawkeyes team that was mere seconds from the playoff semifinals. Christian McCaffrey has been a monster on offense this season for Stanford and it is going to be a challenge for Iowa to stop him. Iowa has got a great season out of C.J. Beathard and has surprised a lot of critics with their play all year long. Can they finish the season with a flourish now? Kickoff is scheduled for just after 5 p.m. Eastern.

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