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Lindsay Lohan Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Lindsay Lohan Worth Right Now

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth

Terry Richardson

Born on July 2, 1986 in NYC, Lindsay Lohan has quickly became a house hold name within the 17 years in which she has been within the public eye. From acting, to singing, to modeling, to producing and directing, this young and talented woman has made her way from bright eyed cute as a button Disney star, to an infamously known wild card actress and performer. With a good girl gone bad appeal and tons of raw talent to add to the mix, Lindsay Lohan truly has shocked and amazed her way to the top. But coupling her impressively successful career along with her bad girl law breaking antics, how much exactly is this woman worth today? Let’s just say.. sometimes, partying truly does take a toll on your bank roll, celebrity status or not.

Lindsay Lohan’s Net Worth as of 2017: $500,000

What?! Yup… you read that right! Now, let’s take a look at Lindsay Lohan’s EPIC career success along with a little bit of tom foolery too, of course; time line net worth bank roll style!

1998 – 2000

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth 2000


Cute as can be with bright red hair and freckles from head to toe, Lindsay Lohan kicked off her acting career with a bang between 1998-2000. Making her grand film debut in 1998 at the age of 12 when she was cast alongside Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson in the quirky family drama comedy The Parent Trap. Given the fact that the film earned a whopping $92.1 million in box office sales, we’re sure that Lindsay’s net worth bank roll gained a hefty chunk of dough from that one.

With much success from her first acting stint, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that Lindsay made her way back on camera yet again this time starring alongside Tyra Banks in the 2000 Disney fantasy drama Life-Size. 

Lindsay Lohan Movies

Lindsay Lohan Movies 1998-2000:
Parent Trap (1998), Life Size (2000).

2001 – 2003

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth 2003


Between 2001-2003 Lindsay’s acting success continued to soar. In 2002 she appeared in the Disney TV Movie Get a Clue and in 2003 she was cast alongside Jamie Lee Curtis in the infamously hilarious re-make of the fantasy comedy film Freaky Friday in which we also got to witness her singing talents for the first time as well via her performance of the song Ultimate which was featured on the films soundtrack.

Freaky Friday, which grossed $160 million dollars worldwide, assisted Lindsay in adding a solid $550,000 to her net worth bank roll.

Lindsay Lohan Movies

Lindsay Lohan Movies 2000-2003:

Get a Clue (2002), Freaky Friday (2003).

2004 – 2006

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth 2006


Between 2004-2006 Lindsay’s success truly hit the big time. She was featured in 6 new films, made appearances on the TV series King of the Hill and That ’70s Show, and released the albums: Speak (2004) and A Little More Personal (2005).

Lindsay’s performances in the three films Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls, and Just My Luck alone assisted her in adding a nice $3 Million to her net worth bank roll.

Lindsay Lohan Albums 2004-2005

Lindsay Lohan Movies

Lindsay Lohan Movies 2004-2006:

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004), Mean Girls (2004), Herbie Fully Loaded (2005), A Prairie Home Companion (2006), Just My Luck (2006), Bobby (2006).

2007 – 2009

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth 2009


Between 2007-2009 Lindsay’s acting success may have been on the rise, but that didn’t stop her from getting into a little bit of trouble on the side. She was arrested in 2007 and was sentenced to one day in jail, 10 days of community service, and three years probation, and the craziness began!

Although the law might not have been on her side, Lindsay was fairly successful during that time. She brought fourth yet another four films, and was featured in the TV series Ugly Betty. 

In 2007, it was estimated that Lindsay spent an insane $1 Million on clothes alone along with another $350,000 on Luxury Vehicle’s. But then again.. she did earn a whopping $7.5 Million her her performance in Georgia Rule aloneso why not let a girl live a little?

Lindsay Lohan Movies

Lindsay Lohan Movies 2007-2009:

Chapter 27 (2007), Georgia Rule (2007), I Know Who Killed Me (2007), Labor Pains (2009).

2010 – 2012

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth 2012


Between 2010 and 2012 Lindsay’s wild side was truly at it’s ultimate finest. Although she was forced to pay $100,000 to get herself bailed out of jail, given a not so fashionable ankle bracelet to wear due to her alcohol consumption, sentenced to 90 days in jail, and landed her first rehab visit– she did earn a solid $300,000 for her appearance in the film Liz and Dick, another $750,000 for her performance in the film Machete, and a nice $1 Million for posing in the buff for Playboy Magazine.

You win some, you lose some, right?

Lindsay Lohan Playboy

(Playboy Magazine)

Lindsay Lohan Movies

Lindsay Lohan Movies 2010-2012:

Machete (2010), Liz and Dick (2012).


Lindsay Lohan Net Worth 2015


Between 2013-2015 Lindsay Lohan began to get her life back on track. In 2013 she was featured in the films Scary Movie 5 and InAPPropriate Comedy and even starred in an indie flick alongside porn prince James Deen titled The Canyons. Between those three films alone, Lindsay’s net worth gained an impressive $1 Million.

Lindsay signed on board with Oprah Winfrey to star in an 8 episode reality series on her life after rehab. The show, which was titled Lindsay debuted on the OWN network on March 9, 2014.

So what’s up with her now? Well, in 2015 Lindsay starred in the short film Till Human Voices Wake Us and even made a comment about running for.. president? Yeah, that one was just as shocking for us to hear as well..

Lindsay Lohan Movies
Lindsay Lohan Movies 2013-2015:
InAPPropriate Comedy (2013), Scary Movie 5 (2013), The Canyons (2013).

Although Lindsay’s net worth has definitely taken one heck of a hit in the past couple years — her current net worth of $500,000 in 2015 isn’t necessarily pretty! We’re sure she’ll be back in business in no time; she is in the process of filming for her new movie The Shadow Within, after all! Lindsay Lohan, it’s been one incredibly wild ride.

2016 – 2017

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly engaged to a multi-millionaire, meaning her net worth is about to go way up if the rumors are true. The troubled starlet is allegedly engaged to 22-year-old Russian heir Egor Tarabasov. The two met at a party and Tarabasov’s father is a multi-millionaire businessman.


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