Lindsay Lohan: Hottest Photos on the Internet


22 Hottest - Lindsay Lohan
Remember Lindsay Lohan? She played the super hot girl in Mean Girls, and that super hot girl in Freaky Friday? And then she played that hot girl who dated Wilmer Valderrama in That 70’s Show, then shamelessly starting boning him in real life too? Yeah, that’s the one.

Despite having a rocky couple of years, Lohan is trying to make her way back into the Hollywood spotlight, all while reminding the world how she got there in the first place… Even if that means she has to show off her full naked body in The Canyons, an independent movie with James Deen, why not? That infamous Playboy photo shoot was  just a couple of years ago…

Truthfully, we’ve got to hand it Lindsay. Maybe it’s just the fact that the paparazzi now have more multiple Kardashians to photograph, but it’s been awhile since we’ve last seen Lindsay’s name in the tabloids. So at least she’s behaving a little better. Check out her hottest photos below.

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