College Student Dies After Attempting to Climb Scaffolding of NYC’s Four Seasons Hotel

A college student was pronounced dead late Wednesday night after attempting to climb the scaffolding on the exterior of the Midtown Four Seasons Hotel in New York City. He was 20-years-old.

Connor Cummings fell nine stories down what ABC news referred to as “an interior shaft” and landed on one of the building’s lower rooftops, where he was later pronounced dead. Cummings – who had been climbing alongside his 18-year-old friend – was reportedly looking to get a panoramic photo of the NYC skyline. His photography equipment was recovered at the scene.

Police said that last night’s heavy rains contributed to Cummings’s fall, making the boy’s climb more complicated than it already was.

Cummings’s family described him as “a photography buff,” and”a loving boy,” but according to the victim’s aunt, the incident doesn’t make any sense.

“We’re trying to get answers. They say that he went up the elevator, and then went up a stairway, and then went out on a balcony, but the cops aren’t saying exactly what happened. And, I know the medical examiner was up there. I mean, he’s a young kid, he’s a good kid, they weren’t drinking or anything, they were taking a picture.”

Cummings attended school in Massachusetts and was originally from New Jersey.

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